Hyde Park Seventh-day Adventist® Church

The place where lives are transformed.

Contact Us

Hyde Park Seventh-day Adventist Church
6 Webster St
Hyde Park, MA 02136-2921
(617) 361-6581
E-mail: hydeparkcommunication@gmail.com


Pastor: James Yansen, Jr.
Phone:  (617) 361-6581


Contact Us By Text:

If you have requests in the areas below, you can contact us by text at the Hyde Park church and someone will get in touch with you:

1.   If you or someone you know desires baptism, text the word BAPTISM to (617) 765-9035.

2.   If you or someone you know desires Bible studies, text the word BIBLE to (617) 765-9035.

3.   If you or someone you know desires prayer, text the word PRAYER to (617) 765-9035.

4.   If you or someone you know desires a pastoral visit, text the word PASTOR to (617) 765-9035.

5.   If you are a member and you need to update your membership information or contact the clerks department, text the word MEMBERS to (617) 765-9035.


Service Times:
We have in-person and online worship service on Sabbath morning at 11:00 a.m. CLICK HERE  for a schedule of our virtual services

Sabbath School (Saturday): 9:10 am
Worship Service (Saturday): 11:00 am
Prayer Meeting (Wednesday): 7:00 pm